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Legal Help to Restore Your Rights to a Firearm in Virginia

While it is possible to restore your rights to a firearm in Virginia, the process is not an easy one. To get your firearm rights back, you may need permission from both the federal and state level. In some instances, you must apply for a pardon or expungement of the charge to restore your civil right to a firearm.

You must petition the circuit court where you reside to regain state firearms privileges. For federal or out-of-state felony convictions, the petition to regain firearm privileges must go to that court. In addition to serving penalties, there are waiting periods for restoring gun rights after a conviction.

How Long Must I Wait to Restore Gun Rights?

For firearm rights lost due to conviction of a non-violent felony offense, the waiting period is two years after discharge. For felony convictions of a dangerous offense, the waiting period is ten years.

There are some newer restrictions for those seeking concealed carry permits. For those convicted these restrictions are:

  • Juvenile offenses that would be a felony (16 years)
  • Marijuana possession and public drunkenness (3 years)
  • Stalking (permanent with no relief)
  • Two or more misdemeanors (5 years)

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