David D. Lawrence
in Roanoke, VA

An Experienced & Dedicated Lawyer for Southwest Virginia

Attorney David D. Lawrence is an experienced and dedicated lawyer, farmer, father, husband, Eagle Scout, former fishing guide, airplane pilot, hunter, and an outdoorsman. David Lawrence’s family has been in Virginia since it was a British Colony. His ties to the land and Virginia’s people run deep. His life experiences help him understand his client and the meaning of hard work. He has dug ditches, worked construction, delivered pizza, cooked, put up hay, hammered nails, poured concrete, built barns and wrangled horses. He has cleared trails and cleaned fish, and practices a lot of law. Attorney David D. Lawrence practices many different types of law in Virginia, including criminal law, DUI/DWI cases, drug crimes, felonies, misdemeanors, homicide, traffic violations, juvenile criminal law, and more. Born in Roanoke, VA, Mr. Lawrence attended Washington and Lee University for seven years to obtain both his B.A. and J.D., and was admitted to the Virginia Bar in 1995. As an experienced and dedicated lawyer, David Lawrence provides clients with reliable legal services in Southwest Virginia, and is a member of all of the following organizations:

Representing Our Community One Client at a Time

When it comes to our community, The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC is dedicated to ensuring dependable legal services for all of our clients in Southwest Virginia. We take the time to review the details of every case to ensure maximum success because we genuinely care about the welfare of our clients. Attorney David D. Lawrence has been advocating for his clients since 1995, like his father, Richard Lee Lawrence did since 1964, so you can rest assured that he will always have your best interest at heart. For anything from a simple speeding ticket, larceny, drug possession, and DUI to serious injury cases, call our dedicated office today!

Dedicated & Knowledgeable Attorney for Virginia

As a prominent legal team member in Virginia, Mr. Lawrence provides clients with criminal defense, legal counsel for speeding tickets and other traffic violations, juvenile criminal law services, and much more. As a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney, Mr. Lawrence has been practicing many areas of law for years, including:
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