Boating Under the
Influence Charges
in Virginia

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Boating under the influence in Virginia, similar to driving under the influence, can carry hefty fines and serious penalties, ranging from civil fines to the revocation of your boating license and even jail time in some circumstances. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, BUI incidents have increased boating fatalities by 34 percent, requiring the state to enact laws and penalties to prevent them. The blood alcohol level, or BAC, of an intoxicated person in the state of Virginia is 0.08 percent, or 0.02 for those under 21 years of age. If you have been charged with boating under the influence in Southwest Virginia, contact The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC.

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When it comes to boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the state of Virginia, rely on the experience of The Lawrence Law Firm based in Roanoke, VA. If you are convicted of a BUI, you may be facing hefty fines, jail time, the loss of your boating privileges, and your watercraft may be impounded. Your insurance company may even raise your coverage costs. Hiring a skilled and dedicated attorney is the only way to ensure the best outcome for your case possible, so call us at (540) 982-2606 if you have been charged with a BUI.

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Aggressively protecting our clients’ rights when it comes to operating a vehicle under the influence is one of our top priorities. If you are looking for competent legal counsel to defend you in or out of court in Southwest Virginia, look no further than the dedicated professionals at The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC in Roanoke.