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If you need a Bedford County, VA, attorney for traffic, criminal offenses, and injuries, contact The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC. Our clients throughout Southwest Virginia receive top defense representation from our experienced attorney. Attorney David Lawrence offers clients legal services on matters that affect their rights and livelihoods.

Allow our attorney to review the specifics of traffic offenses, criminal charges, and personal injury matters. His sound advice and strong representation can uphold your rights under difficult circumstances. Attorney David Lawrence lets clients know what to expect and how to achieve the best success in court. Call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC at (540) 904-0985 for a consultation today.

Defense Lawyer for Bedford County Speeding, Reckless Driving, & DUI / DWI

Drivers in Bedford County, VA, with speeding tickets, reckless driving, or DUI/DWI charges can trust Attorney David Lawrence. The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC offers strong defense representation for area residents who have speeding or traffic tickets. After police stop you for reckless driving or suspicion of DUI / DWI, you need sound advice on how to proceed. Consult with our lawyer on your traffic offense and protect you in court.

Bedford County, VA, Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Region

Contact us at The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC when you need a criminal defense attorney in Bedford County, VA. As a criminal defense attorney serving the region, Attorney David Lawrence offers experience with the court systems in Southwest Virginia. Clients throughout the region depend on his criminal defense expertise and tenacious stance in upholding their rights. Call today to review your criminal matter, such as:

Attorney David Lawrence Upholds the Rights of Bedford County Residents

Bedford County residents who need a strong lawyer to uphold their rights can call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC. Our firm in Roanoke serves the Southwest Virginia region with the dedication of two generations. Attorney David Lawrence stands strong for the rights of clients in Roanoke County, Salem, and Vinton.

The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC defends clients injured in accidents and who face traffic offenses on area roadways, including:

US Route 11
US Route 220
US Route 419
US Route 460

Our firm also handles matters in the counties of Botetourt, Bedford, Craig, Montgomery, Franklin, Rockbridge, and Pulaski. Achieving success in court is possible with The Lawrence Law Firm and the personal touch we give each matter. Our clients receive effective defense, with the time and resources each matter requires.

Defend Your Rights on Personal Injuries in Bedford County, VA

Those injured in vehicle accidents in Bedford County can contact The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC. Attorney David Lawrence offers strong representation to those injured in auto, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle collisions. Injuries from serious accidents like these can have lingering effects that affect your life long after the accident.

The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC supports the rights of persons injured in Bedford County accidents. Our personal injury lawyer defends your rights to just compensation for personal injuries and losses. Contact The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC to consult with an attorney for traffic, criminal offenses, and injuries in Bedford County, VA.