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For an experienced attorney for truck accidents in Southwest VA, call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC in Roanoke, VA. Our lawyer has the knowledge and years of experience to represent you after a truck accident. Whether the accident involves a construction-type vehicle, a tractor-trailer, or other type of residential or commercial truck, we can help.

If you are an operator, passenger, or injured party, The Lawrence Law Firm can uphold your right to fair compensation. Compensation may pay for medical bills, work losses, vehicle or property damage, and could help restore your quality of life. For effective legal services after a truck accident. Call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC at (540) 904-0985 for a consultation today.

Federal and State Guidelines for Commercial Truck Operators

Commercial truck drivers must operate under strict federal and state guidelines and regulations. Each truck accident can involve multiple entities with potential liability for their part in the accident. The list may include truck management companies, vehicle maintenance fleets, cargo loading companies, and more. Accident risk increases if the operator of a commercial truck doing interstate commerce fails to follow federal and state guidelines.

Added Risk of Truck Accidents Due to Fatigue and Weight Loads

Studies show truck accidents can happen when operator fatigue sets in or they ignore safety rules. Consider the following factors that can increase the risk of truck accidents in Southwest Virginia:

  • Commercial truck drivers are allowed to drive for a specific period of time.
  • Maintenance problems with aging vehicles could cause mechanical failures.
  • An increasing number of trucks carry heavy or oversize loads of coal, lumber, and more.

It is important to protect your rights in a truck accident. Call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC for a consultation on your truck accident matter today.

Lawyer for Truck Accidents on Southwest VA Roadways

In our work as a lawyer on truck accidents on Southwest VA roadways, we know crashes happen due to other complications. These may involve operator negligence, speeding, reckless driving, or DUI / DWI. The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC defends those injured in truck accidents on area roadways, such as:

US Route 11
US Route 220
US Route 419
US Route 460

Commercial vehicle operators know that weather and road conditions can create additional hazards for the most experienced drivers. Truck accidents may involve other vehicles, such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and even other trucks. Call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC when you need an experienced attorney for truck accidents in Southwest VA.