Shared or Joint
Child Custody
cases in Southwest Virginia

Stress & Disruption During Child Custody Cases

The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC is dedicated to providing clients with insightful child custody services. My parents split up when I was ten years old. I have been there. After a divorce or legal separation, child custody cases may be necessary to determine the arrangement between parents or guardians and their children. However, statistics indicate that some children endure long-lasting effects from stressful cases, and any child custody case handled poorly can cause irreparable psychological damage to young minors. The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC, in Roanoke, VA, is dedicated to providing clients with the best and most hassle-free child custody services in Southwest Virginia. Contact us today to find out how we can best serve you.

Aspects of Court Decisions for Custody of a Minor

The least amount of disruption in a child’s life is one of the main goals in child custody cases. Therefore, there are certain aspects that a judge considers when awarding custody. The best interest of the minor is of the utmost importance in any case of child custody, so the relationship between the parent and child is one of the most significant deciding factors in awarding custody. The other aspects included in custody cases include:

Shared or Joint Custody Plans Are Preferred by Most Courts

If parents or guardians are to agree to a joint custody plan, the court will agree to this plan unless it is harmful to the minor or the plan was agreed to involuntarily. In fact, most courts prefer these arrangements, because it seems to cause the least amount of damage or disruption in a child’s life. However, sole custody is still sometimes granted for various reasons, including the mental, emotional, physical, and education well-being of the minor in question. In this case, visitation rights are often granted to the other parent, whether in a limited or supervised capacity.