Motorcycle Accident Injuries
in Roanoke, VA

Call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC for Help with Motorcycle Crash Injuries

If you sustain motorcycle accident injuries in Roanoke, VA, or the surrounding areas, call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC. For personal injuries, hiring a dedicated lawyer to represent you is the first step in upholding your right to compensation. Call our firm before signing any paperwork or agreeing to an insurance settlement.

Call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC at (540) 904-0985 for a consultation today. Attorney David Lawrence will review the specifics of the motorcycle accident injuries and any other losses with you.

Receive the Damages You Deserve After a Motorcycle Accident

Virginia is one of a few states that implements the law of contributory negligence. Under this law, if an injured person is found to share even some blame during the accident in question, no recovery will be awarded at all. To combat this risk, The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC offers clients in Southwest Virginia competent and thorough legal services.

Our skilled attorney reviews reports of medical examinations, depositions, and interrogatories to formulate the best case of personal injury possible. This individual attention ensures the best chance at receiving the damages you deserve. We provide the same attention to detail on other personal injury matters involving auto, truck, and bicycle accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Can Wreck More Than Your Bike

The severity of injuries and chance of death is worse in a motorcycle accident than most other types of accidents. Motorcyclists know the importance of safety on the road. More often, it is other drivers who need a reminder about the motorcycle accident dangers. The freedom of driving a motorcycle is exhilarating, until a motorcycle accident puts you and your bike out of commission.

A simple injury from a motorcycle accident can mean a painful and lengthy recovery which can involve various medical therapies. When you cannot work, bills pile up fast causing more worries and stress on top of the injuries. Perhaps you thought at first the injuries were minor, but now see how they affect your life in many ways.

Contact The Lawrence Law Firm Before the Statute of Limitations Expires

Every state has a statute of limitations in place for residents to file a personal injury claim. In Virginia, the statute of limitations on injury lawsuits begins the day of your accident and runs for two years. After the two-year deadline, the court will dismiss your case as time barred. Attorney David Lawrence helps defend those injured in motorcycle accidents on area roadways, including:

US Route 11
US Route 220
US Route 419
US Route 460

To ensure your right to injury compensation, call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC immediately after the motorcycle accident. For best success, contact us before the statute of limitations is up for your motorcycle accident injuries in Roanoke, VA.