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Representation for Personal Injuries, Criminal, and Traffic Offenses

The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC offers Pulaski County, VA, defense attorney services. Serious legal matters require strong and experienced representation. Call today to discuss your personal injury, criminal, or traffic offense matter with Attorney David Lawrence. Our firm helps Pulaski County residents with legal situations affecting their lives and rights.

Trust Attorney David Lawrence to review the specifics of your personal injury or accident matter. Criminal charges and traffic offenses in Pulaski County require strong representation to uphold your rights and liberties. Call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC at (540) 904-0985 for a consultation today.

Personal Injuries from Collisions in Pulaski County Need Strong Defense

Pulaski County residents injured in auto, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle collisions know the pain involved. Personal injury after a serious collision accident is traumatic and devastating. Injuries can affect your life in many ways. Rely on Attorney David Lawrence to uphold your rights with a strong stance on your defense.

The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC can help those injured in accidents on area roadways. These include:

US Route 11
US Route 220
US Route 419
US Route 460

If your personal injury extends from an accident on any of these roads in Southwest Virginia, call us today.

Residents of Pulaski County who experience significant injuries from accidents can turn to The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC. Our personal injury lawyer defends your right to compensation for injury and loss. Contact Attorney David Lawrence for a consultation on your personal injury matter in Pulaski County, VA, today.

Pulaski County Criminal Defense Attorney for Drugs, Gun Rights, & More

Contact us at The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC when you need a Pulaski County criminal defense attorney. Our firm in Roanoke, VA, offers valuable aid for criminal charges. From Drug distribution to restoring gun rights and more, you need a dedicated criminal defense lawyer. Attorney David Lawrence has experience with the many court systems in Southwest Virginia. Consult with him on a variety of serious offenses in Pulaski County, such as:

Defense for Speeding, Reckless Driving, and DUI / DWI in Pulaski County

The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC offers vehicle operators in Pulaski County strong defense for traffic offenses. Trust Attorney David Lawrence for defense and advice on speeding or traffic tickets. You may face heavy fines and more by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor.

You need a strong defense lawyer after police stop you for reckless driving or DUI / DWI in Pulaski County. This is especially true if it is not your first offense for these types of traffic offenses. Stand up for your rights by consulting with Attorney David Lawrence today about the speeding, reckless driving, or DUI charges. Call The Lawrence Law Firm, PLC for a Pulaski County, VA, defense attorney.